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Nov 25, 2012 1:30am PST
delivers thermal energy to the dermal areas under your skin's surface and increasing dermal skin temperature may help support the skin's natural, healthy look. and it gives off enriched oxygen, which bathes your skin while you're using it. now, you'll recognize the smell: it's that fresh, clean after-a-rainstorm fragrance. enriched oxygen is a natural cleanser and it helps give you a glowing, youthful appearance. >> the entertainment business is all about how young you look. and with the dermawand, i feel like i have a fighting chance. i use it every night faithfully. my skin glows. it's all uplifted. it smells good. it's just a great, fresh feeling and when i'm done, i feel that i've done the very best thing that i possibly can for my skin, and when i look in the mirror, i know i have... 'cause i just, i love it. i can't tell you enough about how much i love my dermawand. >> use dermawand anywhere you've got faded, unattractive skin-- on your neck, your chest, the back of your arms. with a good firming cream, you'll do wonders for the back of your legs. also, if you've had cosme
Nov 23, 2012 7:00pm PST
ago. macy's donated the reusable tree that is decorated with 33,000 energy efficient lights. this is the 23rd year of the tree lighting ceremony. >>> not all bright lights this holiday season. coming up, a warning from the authorities and the kinds of crime on the rise this time of the year. >>> today, the national hockey league canceled more games including the all-star game that was set for january. the league has now scrubbed all games through december 14th on the 69th day, now, of the lockout. the sharks have lost 34 games including 17 home games so far this season. the two sides met on wednesday but the league rejected the player's union latest offer in this ongoing dispute over revenue sharing. >> here they go. the first step. >> he was down. he is still going. the officials are acting like it is still a live play. he is taking it all of the way. >> that play in yesterday's houston/detroit game could have a rule change. it shows that the texas running back was down, the lions coach through the replay flag but because it was a score in play replay is automatic and under
Nov 22, 2012 11:30pm PST
accident is beyond comprehension. people are thrown great distances and a lot of energy involved. and the injuries are serious. >>> if not, fatal, statistics show in 2010 more than ten thousand americans were killed in drunk-driving crashes and even now an average of 28 people are kill every day. live in oakland. >>> investigators are looking into the cause of this five car pile up. one person injured. the driver did manage to get out on his own. >>> muni equipment is being blamed for an underground explosion. it happened in san francisco at 5:00. pg and e crews were call but a spokesperson says the equipment that caused the blast actually belongs to muni. a spokesperson says that they are still investigating the exact cause. >>> a huge fire has been burning in a fire plant in orville and authorities say it will probably burn for several more days. the fire started in the control room this morning on feather river down stream from the orvil dam and affecting the four stories. the california department of water resources operating the plant and says right now it is not producing a
Nov 23, 2012 11:30pm PST
with 33,000 energy efficient lights. >>> well tomorrow is what you might call an antidote to mall shopping. small shopping. it's a national campaign called small business saturday aimed at steering holiday dollars to smaller independent stores. and ktvu's deborah villalon is in oakland where they kicked off their own version. >> reporter: it's called plaid friday. it started in oakland. this is the map, 30 businesses on it and this is the goal. sales for small businesses. wearing plaid is strictly optional. >> we encourage people to wear plaid because it's really fun and it shows support. >> reporter: this small owner started plaid friday to show that small businesses are interconnected. >> find out what is going on in your neighborhood. have a fun day of it. >> i don't think that oakland was much known for shopping, but there's a lot of pop up shops going on down there and a lot of really cool, fun stuff. >> it's make or break, it's very important. >> reporter: this merchant expanded her store from pop up to permanent four months ago and needs a strong holiday season. encouraged today was
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4